A smart checklist for travel with your dog

Always ensure to care for your dog's travel needs in advance. I have prepared a complete travel checklist that can help you with that. When traveling by car, ensure that your dog is up for the journey because his comfort is vitally important. You might want to consider leaving your dog at home if he gets restless or anxious during long car journeys. If you decide to take your dog with you, always be prepared for the few hours that he will be with you in the car. Here are the things that you will need throughout the journey;

A crate or Harness

It is important that your dog stays in a confined space throughout the journey. However, always ensure that you occasionally stop the car so your dog can pee, stretch his legs, and get something to drink.

Enough food and water

Remember to pack enough food and drinks for your dog as you pack yours too. The amount of food and drinks you pack for your dog depends on the length of the journey. The longer the journey, the more food and drinks you will require. Doggy treats are similarly important because your dog deserves appreciation for being a good dog throughout the journey.

A leash and muzzle

A leash is particularly important if you are planning to travel somewhere where you need to walk a lot, such as a camping trip or a mountain. You don't want your dog to chase after random people, and neither do you want to lose him. A muzzle is important too particularly if your dog is a bite risk for other dogs or humans. Make sure to fix the muzzle properly such that your dog is be able to pant, eat, and drink while wearing it. You might want to bring with you a GPS tractive so your dog can run free. A GPS like Tractive will also help you find your dog if lost in the place where you don't know.

Dog toys

Consider bringing along many toys and dog bones so that your dog can stay busy throughout, especially if it is a long journey because even the most patient dogs tend to get bored if the trip is long. In fact, if your dog has a favorite toy that he always plays with at home, then even better because it might even help him relax along the way, in case he gets anxious.

Dog poop bags

You will want to consider bringing along dog poop bags especially when on the road for long periods at stretch because you don't want your dog to hold on his poop for too long as it will make him uncomfortable. You also don't want any messes. Dog poop bags are therefore an absolute must.

Travel tag

Your travel tag should have all your travel details, including all the travel-related information, along with your contact number in case your dog gets lost, and someone needs to bring him to you. Always keep in mind that your dog is your baby, you must therefore care for him as you would a child.

A blanket or a towel

If you are traveling with your dog anywhere, you want to make sure that you take either a towel or a blanket along with you. That way, your dog will feel comfortable and at ease. When you go to the beach, your dog can lie down on a towel or blanket beside you and you can both have a good time.

Necessary documentation and vaccinations

This is relevant only for when you are flying with your pet. Naturally, before flying, you will have to make sure you take care of all the requisite documentation. Since there will be international travel restrictions and requirements relating to pet travel, make sure you heed to them before setting off on your journey.

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